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Get by with a little help from my friends

Ryan, seen here rolling his sleeve up, agreed to play in the band as a one off after we ran into each other at a school fundraiser. I had met Ryan before and knew we shared similar interests in music, after a rehearsal Ryan asked "So, am I in the band?" He has a killer pair of boots and he is so cool.

Behind me here is Charles Eddy, We have been performing together for 12 yrs and the only time things ever get heated is when he is choosing treats at the servo after a gig and I suggest options to him. I don't do that any more, even when he says "I don't know what to get" He is so cool.

Seen here with his hands together is Chris from Rooster Entertainment, Chris has a huge heart and a passion for the entertainment industry. He has been supporting us on our original music journey - we have had a few original shows thanks to Chris and a few coming up, purely out of the good of his heart. He is so cool.

Behind Chris is Cory, his patience with my critical ear for bass parts is admirable and he has taken these parts and put them well under his fingers. Cory is a force of nature, his enthusiasm for live music is infectious, while I may be stressing before a show, Cory's excitement reminds me to be in the moment and enjoy myself he is so cool.

All four of us have day jobs and personal responsibilities and competing priorities for our time, so when we manage to line up our calendars and the venues, we have the best time on stage and I am so grateful to have found such a cool bunch of guys to play these songs with.

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