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Headwaters release EASTER 2023.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

It's astonishingly hard to get an independent album to the point of release.

Finding the time and funds to write, record, mix, produce and master is extremely difficult AND with very little income from the production of music the question needs to be asked, WHY?

Two reasons really,

1. I have to, I have things to say that are important to me and I feel may be important to others.

2. The Deon Powter Band love playing our songs live, there are few better feelings than presenting our show to live audiences. With the launch of the new music we are looking to book more opportunities for live performance in 2023.

HEADWATERS is a collection of 10 songs I am very proud of and extremely excited to share. I am passionate about the themes and am driven to communicate my messages of love for self each other and the planet.

So keep an eye out for HEADWATERS, around Easter time, please take some time to listen to the music and if you choose to go on the journey the stories offer to take you on, I will be eternally grateful.

Perhaps subscribe to the web site or follow on socials to stay in touch with release dates and live performances.

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