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Live and Local - Method Coffee Bar

Updated: May 6, 2022

Applying for live music festivals and putting the band forward for joint billing events is skill that requires a mix of hope and acquiescence, well for me at least.

The state government invested in getting the arts rolling again after extended lock downs through regional council areas, where local businesses were approached to host two or three musicians. .

The Method Coffee and Tattoo bar in Brendale is a great space for live music, in amongst light industrial warehouses and workshops, the team provide coffee and food with an upstairs Tattoo parlor.

The Rock and Roll boys, our band and Blackstar who are all local to the region made a stage at the front of the bar facing back to a very appreciative audience. The sound provided by Check 1 2 was excellent and we had a great time playing this event, which opened my eyes to the possibilities of multi billed events.

I felt an immediate affinity with the space, there are beautifully painted motorcycle helmets hung on the wall, wonderful underwater videography on loop and this amazing picture of David Bowie which was painted by the owner.

We had Sonic Edwards on bass at this gig who, coming out of covid had a break in his busy schedule to help us out.

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